I got my hands on two of the Ever After High dolls, and of course I already have them stripped down for science! I will do a full review and comparison later, but for now I wanted to post some quickies of the girls in a couple of my Monster High pattern outfit sets:

Apple White in a MH Kimono

The kimono works pretty well as-is. EAH dolls have thicker torsos and limbs, but still well within the range of fit for the kimoo, which has a little bit of extra room in the torso already, and nothing to worry about at all with leg/arm thickness. The only issue is the obi, which was sewn and sized to fit a MH doll’s narrower waist. It still closed and fastened with a snap on the EAH doll, but the bottom (the part that goes over the hips) did not close. I don’t think that this will be an issue at all, if someone were making a pattern and sized the obi to the EAH doll instead of the MH doll (the obi pattern piece is a little long because different thicknesses of fabric will require a different length of obi) it would probably fit perfectly. However, I plan to make another kimono from the MH pattern instructions and fit the obi to the EAH doll before I give it the official stamp of approval.

Raven Queen in a MH School Uniform

The school uniform looks great from the front, but has the same problem as the obi. The skirt fits great (it sits slightly higher on the waist, but still below the natural waist/across the hips) but the tops will need some adjusting. EAH dolls have thicker arms, so if I adjust this pattern for EAH dolls, I’ll take the sleeves out a little bit, as well as resizing the shirt and vest so that it flares out more across the hips. But again, this outfit is perfectly serviceable for display, it’s just my perfectionism acting up.